Our Team


At the core of VR’s success lies in its dedicated team. Comprising young and talented professionals with extensive experience in top-tier global companies and leading consulting firms, our team thrives under tight deadlines. We firmly believe that to deliver excellence, we must recruit the best talent.

Our team at Value Recruiters consists of highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds, including engineers, MBAs, LLB graduates, and those with dual master’s degrees. This diverse pool of professionals enables us to assess and select the best candidates for any role, bolstering our processes with a combination of cutting-edge technology tools and expert judgment to achieve desired outcomes.

Maintaining the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and commitment is paramount to VR’s ethos. We uphold these values in all our operations, ensuring transparency and trust in every interaction.

Our Team


Gautam brings a wealth of international and domestic experience in business and management consulting to the table. With a diverse background, he has played pivotal roles in various consulting capacities, ranging from HR consulting to management consulting. Gautam is renowned for his expertise in streamlining hiring processes and sourcing highly productive talent for leading organizations.

His extensive experience extends to organization restructuring, conflict resolution, and the development of comprehensive strategies, practices, and operational tactics tailored to different organizational needs. Gautam’s client portfolio spans across diverse sectors, including Retail, Manufacturing, BFSI, and Hospitality, where he has made significant contributions.

Gautam holds an MBA from Queen’s University, Canada, complemented by a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications, making him a well-rounded professional equipped to tackle multifaceted challenges in the consulting realm.


Rajat embodies a multifaceted persona, excelling as an entrepreneur, risk consultant, solicitor, and esteemed Member of the Inter Pacific Bar Association in Tokyo. His academic journey includes an MBA from the prestigious Goa Institute of Management (GIM), followed by a fellowship in Insurance from the Insurance Institute of India (III) and an associate accreditation from the Chartered Insurance Institute in London.

As a seasoned consultant, Rajat’s fascination with Risk Management stems from his innate curiosity and appreciation for the nuanced legal complexities within this domain. His illustrious career spans over 15 years, encompassing diverse realms such as Insurable Risks, Legal Management, Claims, and Underwriting. Rajat’s expertise extends to collaborating with top-tier insurance companies in India, where he has made significant contributions in sales and HR domains.


Parikshit brings a wealth of experience in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector, with a particular focus on Indian capital markets. His journey in the financial realm has seen him excel as a trader, broker, and investment advisor, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics.

In addition to his endeavors in BFSI, Parikshit has also ventured into entrepreneurship within both the manufacturing and services sectors, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability. With over a decade of experience as a Finance faculty in esteemed Management Institutes, Parikshit has delved into extensive research on global capital markets, particularly exploring the correlation between political and financial news and its impact on market movements.

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