450 of resources transferred on VR’s Payroll within 30 days

VR provides end-to-end services to a budget hotel ranging from hiring to employee management to payroll.

Benefits to Client:

  • Hassle Free Trasnfer in Short Duration

  • Risk Free & Effective Trasfer & Payroll Management

  • Automation of Payroll Process

  • Cost Effective Solution

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450 of resources transferred on VR’s Payroll within 30 days

Our existing international client that runs one of the largest budget hotel chain put forth a hefty ask. Within a short period, our partner required us to transfer payroll of over 450 resources. The task was completed by our seasoned professionals with the help of a streamlined process and transferring structure in a short span of 30 days.

We provided them with the solution they required with 12 years of experience in the business:

  • 450 resources on VR’s Payroll was transferred within 30 days
  • We undertake the insurance, liabilities, and taxes.
  • We are liable for workers’ compensation claims or other third-party injuries.
  • We manage all payroll, employee files, employee relations matters, employee benefits, unemployment, and others
  • Automation of the payroll process
  • Effective HRMS solution provided

The process of payroll transfer was smooth and hassle-free and carried out in no time. Our services included risk-free and effective transfer and Payroll Management. The payroll process is automated which makes it a cost-effective solution. The client also experiences an increase in the efficiency of their Human Resources, as they focus on the priority areas.


About us:

More than anything, we believe, people are the most powerful assets of any company. The ability to select the apt people is the most strategic task for any given company in present times. Companies all overlay emphasis on their human resources and in the process, newer methods have evolved to enable them to get the right people for the right job at the right time.

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