Contract To Hire

A contract-to-hire (C2H) position involves hiring a job candidate on an hourly basis for a specified contract duration, with the option for the employer to convert them into a permanent employee afterward. Typically, these contracts last anywhere from three to twelve months, with three to six months being the most common duration.

For individuals looking to enter a specific industry, C2H positions offer an excellent opportunity to gain experience and assess whether the industry is the right fit for them.

In this arrangement, both the employer and the employee agree on the duration of the contract, during which the employer evaluates the candidate’s technical skills, cultural fit, and soft skills to determine if they are suitable for a permanent position. Staffing agencies act as intermediaries, providing contract-to-hire candidates to clients based on their requirements, utilizing a vast database compiled over 12 years of experience in the industry.

The benefits of C2H hiring are mutual. Employers have the chance to thoroughly assess a candidate’s suitability before offering them a permanent position, based on their demonstrated skills and performance during the contract period. On the other hand, candidates can experience the office environment and work culture firsthand, helping them determine if the company aligns with their career goals and cultural preferences.

At the end of the agreed-upon period, if the employer deems the candidate a good fit, they extend a permanent job offer based on career goals, skills, and experience. Upon acceptance, the candidate transitions from hourly payment to monthly salary with benefits.