35 Developers Hired Within 1 Week.

A global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. It provides the following services:

Benefits to Client:

2 Year Long Term Engagement

Speedy Rampup of 35 Resources Within a Week

Payroll Management

Effortless On-boarding

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35 Developers Speedy Rampup within a week.

VR has been working with KPMG for the last two years for their staffing solution. Time and over we have achieved the deadline in providing resources that expand their business. KPMG is a vast network of professional firms spread globally that provides various services. Their expertise lay in Audit, Tax and Advisory services. In order to deploy resources in an elite organization that has transformed b usiness models and cross-border tax-related issue such as KPMG, we used our vast database. To work on a Smart City solution project, our innovative and experienced recruiters hired 35 resources for them within span of a week.

What we provided:

  •  35 resources for a smart city project
  •  Dedicated Account Manager
  •  Client Relationship manager
  •  Tech, finance, and administration skill sets

Expertise in the various industry put us in a significant spot in the global market, such as

  •  Consultancy and Advisory
  •  Big Data Analytics
  •  Strategy & Business Development
  •  HR, IT, ICT, Data Intelligence

The partnership with KPMG was ensured to be a long one with the completion of a benchmark task related to their pain area. With our seasoned recruiters’ smart work, our vast database and unwavering commitment fulfilled the task which would perceive to be impossible by many.


About us:

More than anything, we believe, people are the most powerful assets of any company. The ability to select the apt people is the most strategic task for any given company in present times. Companies all overlay emphasis on their human resources and in the process, newer methods have evolved to enable them to get the right people for the right job at the right time.

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