Oil & Gas


VR takes pride in being recognized as a premier oil and gas recruitment and staffing agency worldwide, operating within the energy, process, and infrastructure sectors. With a legacy spanning decades, both companies and contractors have relied on us for unparalleled oil and gas recruitment services.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we offer comprehensive workforce solutions tailored to capture and deliver top-tier talent necessary for successful project completion. Unlike other recruitment agencies in the energy, process, and infrastructure sectors, we operate on a large scale and international level while maintaining a personalized approach to every member of our team. Whether you’re seeking to fill a position or find a job through oil and gas recruitment, VR is your ultimate destination.


Upon joining VR, contractors become integral members of our team. Our clients can expect personalized service regardless of the talent they seek. With our focused efforts on oil and gas recruitment and staffing, we possess in-depth knowledge of industry-specific needs, ensuring we meet the expectations of both workers and hiring managers.


While other recruitment agencies may assist in securing immediate positions, our commitment extends far beyond that. We begin by assigning you an account manager who maintains regular communication to ensure your needs are met. Additionally, we ensure your resume stands out to potential employers. When one job ends, we immediately begin the process of finding your next opportunity.

Beyond oil and gas recruitment, we provide comprehensive support, including assistance with relocation if necessary. VR goes beyond being just a recruitment agency; we are your trusted partner in the energy, process, and infrastructure sectors.


With a global presence spanning 50+ offices and an extensive contractor database, we collaborate with companies across 57 countries. Whether you require temporary or permanent staff, we handle all aspects of recruitment, including background checks, drug testing, salary negotiations, and contract management. Our contractors possess at least 90% of the desired skills and are driven by a passion for the industry. From entry-level positions to executive roles, we provide comprehensive oil and gas recruitment services tailored to your needs.

If you’re seeking oil and gas recruiters who understand your career aspirations or the requirements of your organization, reach out to us through the contact form below or via email. We are dedicated to serving as your trusted partner in energy, process, and infrastructure recruitment.